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Euroventil is a 15-year-old experienced corporation in the production and commercialization of fireplaces.   We are experts in the full processing of fireplaces and we guide our customers from the picking of the stone to the final choosing of the right fireplace according to their needs. We are certified by the ISO: 9001 therefore, the commercialization of fireplaces obeys also to the rules of ISO: 9001
We supply fireplaces in any kind of stone: marble, limestone – namely, mocha-crème and moleanos – and granite delivery

Euroventil has its own design models.  In our catalogue, you may find traditional or classic models as well as modern or contemporary designs. We supply any model according to the requirements of our customers.
Based on a customer’s draft or idea our technical department will draw a sketch for customer’s approval.  This drawing can be re-drawn until it gets the final agreement from the customer.   Therefore, we deliver any fireplace based on a customer’s order.  


During manufacturing, our technical department is responsible for the surveillance of all fireplaces to ensure that all established quality procedures are met with special focus on quality of stone, quality of the product final details, and quality of packaging. 

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