Air Conditioning

Since most of our time is spent in confined spaces, the implementation of climate solutions that give these spaces the health and comfort conditions of their occupants becomes urgent.

With an air conditioning unit, we can create an atmosphere in which we feel more comfortable, with the most appropriate temperature and humidity. The most modern air conditioning units produce clean, fresh and healthy air, dehumidifying the air and preventing mould.

In this way, the air conditioning allows a mild and comfortable environment, whatever the season and weather conditions.

The principle of air conditioning systems operation consists in absorbing the energy from one place and releasing it from another, that is, extracting the heat from a hot source by transferring it to a cold source. This process requires an inner unit, an outer unit and copper tubes connecting the two units. Through these tubes, the coolant circulates from one unit to another. Today the market presents a very wide range of solutions, from Split and Multi-Split Systems to VRV systems, among others.

With our team of highly experienced and qualified technicians and a strong partnership with the leading providers of this type of solution, Euroventil provides its customers with a specialized technical support team, providing technical assistance, ranging from the design of the solution that is most appropriate to the needs of the Customer, by providing innovative technology solutions and effective installation of the solutions with a high level of accuracy and quality.



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