Rubbish chute

The system for the disposal of household rubbish through chutes allows the vertical fall of the rubbish into a well-housed ordinary container which is discharged and constitutes a substantial step in urban health.

Rubbish chutes are solutions that matter, especially for buildings with more than 5/6 floors. These chutes can thus be an effective and very useful solution, but they need to respect health and construction rules.

Rubbish chutes can be applied, inter alia, to: housing buildings; offices; hotels; and hospitals.

The chutes shall be stainless steel or galvanised sheet and shall be coated with stone wool to prevent acoustic phenomena along the plumbs.

The constituent elements of a rubbish chute are:
a) Recipient bucket or container
b) Rubbish shutter (optional)
c) Straight sections
d) Straight sections with an opening for shutters
e) Shutters
f) Internal cleaning brush (optional)
g) Fan

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