Dirty laundry chutes

The dirty laundry transport system through chutes, allows its quick deposition directly in a laundry or technical area, eliminating the inconveniences that transport by the usual route, car + lift, present daily.

Laundry chutes are the right option in hotel-type buildings, where laundry collection is a daily routine or even a constant need.

In family dwellings of the housing type, it is a comfort supplement, which reduces the physical effort and time spent in the task of collecting clothes.

This system goes beyond the obstacles common to any transport car, for example: stairway steps and service lifts, reducing the time spent driving them.

In terms of physical space, a small technical area will be enough for the discharge section and its container, while the shutters can be placed in any space that is desired, provided, on the chutes’ plumbs.

Laundry chutes are suitable for, among others: single-family dwellings; hotels; homes; hostels; hospitals; and rest homes.

The chutes shall be stainless steel and their constituent elements shall be:
a) Clothing tank recipient
b) Straight sections
c) Straight sections with an opening for shutters
d) Shutters

With a team of highly experienced and qualified technicians, Euroventil offers its customers a technical service specialized in the dimensioning and delivery of the solution most suited to the customer’s needs.


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