Self-adjustable grills

Ventilation, by definition, involves a circulation/exchange of air between the houses and the surrounding environment, with the aim of eliminating odours, bacteria and especially the effects of residual moisture as it is the most visible of the damage caused to the houses. It is therefore important to have permanent ventilation in the houses to ensure clean air, that is, better indoor air quality.

Grills are an important component of a ventilation system. Currently there are several types of grilles that allow to obtain adequate ventilation flow rates, fully respecting the requirements related to compliance with energy saving and indoor air quality.

Euroventil markets two types of grilles which allow a variable air input, the self-adjustable and the hygro-adjustable.

Self-adjustable grills are devices consisting of adjustable blades capable of ensuring a unidirectional air flow rate not exceeding 1,5 times for pressure differences between 20 and 200 Pa.

The hygro-adjustable grills are air entrances sensitive to the humidity of the place where they are installed. In the case of this type of grid, the airflow ranges from 7 m3/h to 40 m3/h.

With a team of highly experienced and qualified technicians, Euroventil offers its customers a technical service specialized in the dimensioning and delivery of the solution most suited to the customer’s needs.


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