The Slimcomfort heating system (formerly Calinteg Confort) is an innovative central heating system through ultrafine radiant panels, integrated into the wall.

It is a comfortable, clean, easy to install, economical and even more surprising system, does not take up space.

With the Slimcomfort system (formerly Calinteg Confort), installation costs are reduced, maintenance costs disappear and their energy consumption is about 30% lower than any conventional system.

This system accepts any type of decorative coating (paper, paintings, stucco, tile, etc.), so that the decoration of your house is not a problem.

With our team of highly experienced and qualified technicians and a strong partnership with the leading providers of this type of solution, Euroventil provides its customers with a specialized technical support team, providing technical assistance, ranging from the design of the solution that is most appropriate to the needs of the Customer, by providing innovative technology solutions and effective installation of the solutions with a high level of accuracy and quality.


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