Solar Thermal

Thermal Solar energy is the one that takes advantage of sunlight to produce hot water, support central heating and heat the water from the pools.

A solar thermal solution is basically composed of one or more panels that capture the energy from the sun and a deposit that stores the hot water that, will later be consumed.

Solutions for solar thermal power based mainly on two types of systems: The solar system by a closed loop, which is composed of solar panels, storage, group, movement, control, etc.; and a Thermosiphon system, which is composed of solar panels and a water tank, which is located in the upper part of the panel.

The main applications in individual solutions and / or collective solutions are; AQS – sanitary hot water (housing, buildings, residential, hotels, etc.); Central heating with low temperature radiators or hydraulic radiant floors; Swimming Pool Heating.

This type of solution is also characterized by the need to provide a conventional support system, as a complement to the production of AQS, in order to provide the complementary energy necessary to maintain the desired level of comfort when the available solar radiation is not enough. The main solutions to support the solar thermal system are boilers, water heaters, heat pumps or electrical resistance.

With our team of highly experienced and qualified technicians and a strong partnership with the leading providers of this type of solution, Euroventil provides its customers with a specialized technical support team, providing technical assistance, ranging from the design of the solution that is most appropriate to the needs of the Customer, by providing innovative technology solutions and effective installation of the solutions with a high level of accuracy and quality.



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